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How to Dominate Your Competition by Selling on Facebook with Shopify

Can you think of some ways to sell with Shopify? Interested in selling on Facebook with Shopify? Read this article and find out!

We suppose you probably know that you can open up an online store with Shopify, however, you may not know that they have extra ways to sell with them. Did you know that with Shopify, you can sell through Facebook Messenger, create a buy button, and create buyable pins on Pinterest?

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The two simplest and easiest routes are to either choose Shopify Lite which will cost you $9 a month and you will have an opportunity to sell on social media or on an existing website. If you want to upgrade your ecommerce plan, we also recommend you to try the Basic Shopify Plan which will cost you $29. One important thing to add, the Basic Shopify plan is the minimum, you might need the Shopify or Advanced Shopify. It will depend on your needs.

The best way to sell with Shopify is through an online store that you set up and customize. To start, you will need to add your items and select a theme for your store. Once you have the domain name properly set up, you will need to add some shipping information, as well as, tax rates. Setting up payments is important because it allows you to receive money for the items you sell. Through the online store, you can accept credit cards which will maximize the potential of you selling to visitors and potential customers of your site. The best part is that you can set up new sales channels in no time. Adding inventory and unlimited products means that your business grows as you grow. Tracking growth and sales trends and fullying orders is also easy.

The Shopify Buy Button allows you to add products to your online store. This is a great opportunity for you to present the items in the way you want it. This is a mobile-friendly option that improves the customer’s experience. They click on a button and are able to add their favorite items to the shopping cart.

There are so many websites that use the Shopify Buy Button including Fabio Viviani Wines, Contour, Marsh & Mallow, and others. You can sell unlimited products, track sales, integrate orders and shipping, and figure out the global tax and currency. You can provide your customers with a secure checkout experience with over 70+ payment gateways.

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The Facebook app allows you to sell products directly on Facebook. You can also create a Shop tab for your Facebook page. The customers don’t need to leave their social media apps to be able to shop at your store. This is an advantage as you are meeting potential customers where they are already at.

You also have another platform for promoting and selling your items. The more exposure you receive across different platforms, the better able you are to meet your goals. We can say that Facebook Shopify is easy to set up and it is packed with features.

It is created to save you time because it syncs new products to your Facebook shop. This is a chance for you to stay on top of sales and inventory made through the social media website.

We also recommend you to create collections of products. This will help you drive more sales and get people interested in what you have to offer.

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The key features of selling on Facebook with Shopify are: designed for mobile users in mind, let your customers easily browse your items on Facebook and a super easy checkout.

Try out the Facebook shop app now! It is included in the Shopify Lite Plan.

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