Consider These 3 Aspects Before Kicking Off Your Facebook E-Commerce Journey.

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Are you planning or in the process of selling on Facebook? You are on the right track. Facebook is a good place to start your online journey. The platform has about 4billion users out of which more than 2 billion are active users. As you know, no serious seller can afford to ignore such a population when making a profit is part of their goals. However, you moving to Facebook commerce can be a curse or a blessing to your business. You may think you are making a wise decision only to find you are messing up with your future. Before kicking off your Facebook selling journey, here are 3 aspects to consider:

­ Who are you targeting?

Your targets define your means. The potential customers of your products have a hand in deciding the approach you will use to reach to them. You might sell products which do not have Facebook customers. Or else, you might be targeting customers who are not on Facebook. For instance, if your products target the Chinese audience, using Facebook to market them can be the worst mistake. As you know, Facebook does not operate in China. Hence, you will only reach out to Chinese outside the country which for a limited portion. Knowing your targets and where they spend their time is essential. So, ensure your targets use Facebook before kicking off your selling journey.

­ The customer’s perception

Another aspect that defines your sales level is the customer’s perception. How customer perceive a given platform or medium has the upper hand in the purchase decisions. Your targets may have a negative feeling and perception on Facebook. If this is the case, offering your products through it will be an error. For instance, you cannot sell products on Facebook when your customers believe it is a place for sharing everything fake. Doing so will give your products the same bad taste leading to fewer sales. Hence, assess your targets perception on Facebook before employing it as your selling channel.

­ Assess your traffic sources

When selling online the source of your traffic is important. A source with high traffic that coincides with high conversion rate is a worth to invest in than the latter. When planning to sell a product on Facebook, it is essential to assess the source of your traffic. Do not invest in sources that have little traffic or one whose traffic rare convert to sales. If Facebook is not adding any coin on your profits, you should not invest in it.

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